Parish Council


Meetings of the Parish Council are held bi-monthly

Meetings are open to the public, who are very welcome to attend.

The meetings are held in the village hall. Tea and Coffee is available from 7.15pm with the Parish Council meeting starting at 7.30pm.


As part of the recently introduced Transparency Code the audit of the Parish Council finances has to be published for public viewing and as such can be found under the tab headed Audit




Chairman -  Mr Richard Clift

Councillors - 

                       Christine Eade

                       Trevor Beckett

                        Ken Stowe

                       Mark Fiske

Clerk - Mrs Samantha Barber

            01473 730597

Babergh District Councillors are Nick Ridley and Barry Gasper

Suffolk County Councillor for Brook Ward is Chris Hudson



Parish Council Audit

Schedule of Meetings

Annual Parish Meeting Information

Latest Agenda

Minutes of Previous Parish Council Meetings

Finance of the Parish Council